Stvarna mjesta na kojima ćete se osjećati kao da se nalazite u filmu Wesa Andersona


Jarke boje poput narančaste, tirkizne i ružičaste, simetrija, nostalgija za prošlim vremenima u starim vlakovima, telefonskim govornicama i zaboravljenim prometnim znakovima, hoteli i svjetionici...

…sve je to dio prepoznatljive estetike filmova Wesa Andersona koju ponekad možemo pronaći oko nas, a može nas i navesti da promatramo već viđene prostore na sasvim drugačiji način ili nas motivirati da otputujemo u potragu za fantastičnim, ali stvarnim krajolicima.

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____________________ Repulse Bay Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong c. 1845 • Situated in one of Hong Kong’s most affluent neighborhoods, Repulse Bay on the south side of Hong Kong Island draws thousands of beachgoers looking to soak up some sun on its crescent-shaped shoreline. While its Chinese name, Tsin Shui Wan means “Shallow Water Bay”, the origin of its English name is much more enigmatic • It’s said that in 1841 the name caught on while the bay was used as a haven for pirates who were repulsed by the British Royal Navy. Another account asserts that the bay was named after the HMS Repulse which was stationed at the bay, however the HMS Repulse was never documented having docked there. The earliest record of the English name appeared on a British map of Hong Kong in 1845 • The name wasn’t widely used until the 20th century. At that time, the area developed rapidly with the construction of the Hong Kong Golf Club in 1898 and the development of the recreational beach a decade later. In 1920, the Kadoorie family built the Repulse Bay Hotel which was later immortalized as the setting in Eileen Chang’s novel “Love in a Fallen City” • WW2 brought military presence back to the bay. It served as a strategic location during the Battle of Hong kong and then later, the Repulse Bay Hotel was used as a military hospital for Japanese forces. Following the War, many residential buildings were built and the area began to thrive. The beach also was extended to its present-day 960-feet (292-meters) length, making it one of the longest beaches in Hong Kong • Know more? Please comment below! • : @lauren.borsheim ✍️: @kelly.murray : @wikipedia + + + • #AccidentallyWesAnderson #Archigram #AccidentalWesAnderson #WesAnderson #VscoArchitecture #Vscotravel #Pursuewhatislovely #RepulseBay #ILoveHongKong #HKIsland #Lifeguardtower #HongKong

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Scenografija se često čini kao prava zvijezda njegovih filmova, koja ima moć dočarati neobičnu atmosferu, a to su prepoznali i Wally i Amanda, bračni par iz Brooklyna, koji su 2017., stvarajući osobnu bucket listu za putovanja, otvorili Instagram profil Accidentally Wes Anderson. On se u međuvremenu pretvorio u pravu zajednicu od preko milijun ljubitelja Andersonovih filmova koji pronalaze zanimljiva mjesta na svim kontinentima i dijele njihove priče.

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____________________ Icelandic Coast Guard Vessel Óðinn| Reykjavík, Iceland | c. 1959 • A 900-ton offshore patrol vessel in the Icelandic Coast Guard fleet, the ICGV Óðinn once monitored the waters around Iceland for more than half a century. Built in 1959, the ICGV Óðinn served as an active Coast Guard vessel until it was decommissioned in 2006 • The Icelandic Coast Guard provides coastal defense as well as maritime and aeronautical search and rescue. Its fleet consists of a number of ships of various sizes including vessels for patrolling, research, and ships designed for aeronautical support. All major vehicles in the Coast Guard are currently named after beings found in Norse mythology. Óðinn is a god in Norse mythology associated with wisdom, healing, death, and royalty • While commissioned, the Óðinn was responsible for monitoring Icelandic and foreign vessels and patrolling territorial fishing grounds. The ship had to determine who was fishing and where, and the type of fishing equipment being used. During its tenure, it also proved to be a capable rescue vessel, pulling ships that had run aground, rescuing stranded crews, and even saving crews from sinking ships • During the 1970s, the Óðinn was called up to serve in the Cod Wars – a series of conflicts between Iceland and the United Kingdom over fishing rights in the North Atlantic. During one of the confrontations, the Óðinn was rammed in the stern by the British sidewinder trawler, the Arctic Corsair. Nevertheless, Iceland emerged victorious during each dispute • The Óðinn and the Arctic Corsair crossed waters again forty years later, but this time under much friendlier circumstances. In 2017, the two ships exchanged bells as a gesture of cooperation. Now a museum ship at Reykjavík’s Maritime Museum, the Óðinn is a main exhibition where guests can enjoy guided tours • Know more? Please comment below! • : @kopakonan_ ✍️: @kelly.murray : @wikipedia + • #AccidentallyWesAnderson #Archigram #AccidentalWesAnderson #WesAnderson #VscoArchitecture #Vscotravel #Pursuewhatislovely #lcelandTravel #InspiredByIceland #VisitIceland #Icelan

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Premda sam Wes Anderson nema veze s projektom, pružio im je podršku i napisao predgovor za knjigu koja je izdana ove godine, a rezultat je dokumentiranja fotografija i priča mjesta koja odražavaju redateljevu jedinstvenu estetiku. Od Australije, preko Indije, do Slovenije i Islanda, ove fotografije dokazuju da možemo pronaći umjetnost i magičnu atmosferu u svakodnevici, a mogu nas i motivirati da posjetimo daleka mjesta na kojima žive ljudi koji dijele istu ljubav prema lijepom i prema filmu.

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Hey Adventurers thought we’d give you a (tiny) sneak peek from our new book We explore 200 locations through beautiful photos & amazing stories from (literally) every continent on earth Presale link plus a few awesome independent Black-owned bookstores in our Story you may consider supporting as well are in our Highlights under “PRESALE ” ❤️ • Japan Railways Tokyo, Japan c. 1987 • Japan has the world’s busiest rail network, with a daily ridership of 18.5 million. Forty percent of passenger travel in the country is on its railways (compared to the United States, where 90 percent of travel is on roadways). It’s no wonder: Japan’s rail is reliable to a degree that other nations find unfathomable. It is neither unreasonable nor unheard-of for people to set their watches based on the practially guaranteed precision of their train’s arrival. In fact, the system is so confident of its service that passengers have been given refunds if trains are even a minute or two late • This punctuality is a well-known feature of Japanese travel, however, a lesser-known aspect is the trainspotters—and their corresponding titles. Journalist Anna Fifield described in the Washington Post a few varieties of these experts and their obsessions: she discovered nori-tetsu, people who enjoy riding on trains; yomi-tetsu, who pore over schedules, and oto-tetsu, who make recordings of the sounds of the trains as they go by (for recreation) • Some are less intrigued by the trains and more focused on their surroundings and perks of riding, such as ‘eki-tetsu’ students of the stations themselves, and ‘ekiben-tetsu’, fanatics of the bento lunchboxes sold at said stations – which this conductor may be in search of, himself • ✍️+: @AccidentallyWesAnderson • #AccidentallyWesAnderson #Symmetrical #AccidentalWesAnderson #WesAnderson #AccidentallyTokyo #Shinkasen #BulletTrain #ExploreJpn #DiscoverTokyo #Japan

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Piše: Kristina Stakor

Foto: Instagram accidentallywesanderson

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